Paramount NY, opened for Rachel Platten 

Listening Room (Nashville),

Bobby's Idle Hour (Nashville),

The Whiskey Room (Nashville)

The Paramount (NY) , opened for Hunter Hayes,  

CMAfest (Nashville)


Last Hope Lagoon (Montauk),

Ideal Cafe (Huntington,NY),  

Shandon Inn (Islip),

John's (Montauk), 

Gig Shack (Montauk, NY),

Fishbar On The Lake,

Berklee School Of Music (Boston),

 Long Island Fall Festival,

Great South Bay Music Festival,

Montauk Music Festival,

Bitter End (NYC), 

New Light Sanctuary (Sayville),

Finals At Star Shine Patchogue Theater, 

Semi Finals Great Neck Art Center, GreenFEST,

Hollywood Studios Disney World,

National Anthem (Stonybrook University), 

NBC TODAY Show, Runner-Up For The Voice,

 Broadway For Africa (NYC))

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Jillian Steele is a born storyteller.  Growing up on Long Island, the indie pop singer-songwriter developed an early love for performing and sharing her life with others.  Jillian began singing and acting in musicals and commercials.  After taking a break from acting, she turned inward to focus on her writing and telling her personal stories.  She found her new voice in songwriting - jotting down hundreds of experiences, ideas and emotions and learning to truly express herself thorough lyrics.

Jillian’s desired to write didn't let up, in fact it was only beginning.  A move to Nashville further developed her passion as she found a vibrant community centered on music and an appreciation for the messages, emotions and devotion behind the songs.

Not one to be afraid to leave home, Jillian Steele has also expanded her songwriting skills by incorporating her real-life experiences from her worldwide travels.  Having spent some time in Thailand and Kenya, she learned that human experiences are universal.

Drawing from her eclectic existence, she penned her debut EP "Find Me"to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds through shared experiences and emotions.  Jillian Steele thinks of music as a scrapbook to document her life.  She is able to add a personal element to every song lyric, recording session and live performance.  

" Sometimes a pop song jumps out of the pack and impresses itself upon my brain. This female-empowerment anthem is a acoustic-pop jam that opens up into a big, memorable, Lilith-Fair-esque chorus."   -Independent Clause Music

Pretty Girls Sweat  Jillian Steele's Debut EP Will Make You an Instant Fan  2/2017


Guitar Girl  Jillian Steele Releases New EP

Brash! Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2017